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Atsuko Okada

Atsuko Okada was born in Tokyo in 1954. After graduating from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music(Currently – Tokyo University of the Arts )in 1976, she advanced to further graduate studies at the University and earned the Doctorate of Philosophy degree in Western Music of the recognition of recital and thesis on A. N. Scriabin. Ever since, she has built a career to became a widely respected pianist and music critic. Dr. Okada is an internationally acclaimed Japan’s premier interpreter of Scriabin’s legacy. She has been invited to various festivals and conferences, including the music festival on Scriabin’s 125 birth anniversary(Moscow, 1997)and the 2nd International Congress commemorating Chopin’s 150th death anniversary(Warsaw, 1999, during which she held recitals and delivered lectures. Dr. Okada’s portfolio as a researcher/writer/editor includes such desired items as ‘Scriabin, the Complete Works for Piano’(Shunju-sha, Tokyo) and ‘A moment is of itself eternity – pianism at the end of the century’(Sakuhin-sha, Tokyo), a collection of awn critical essays.

Yuri Didenko

Internationally acclaimed Russian pianist Yuri Didenko has performed recitals and with orchestras in the best concert halls of Moscow, including Great Hall of Moscow Conservatory and Moscow International House of Music, cities of the former Soviet Union and abroad: USA, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Greece, Malta, Chile, China, countries of Western Africa, Turkey, Cyprus, South Korea. The British magazine Pianoforte referred to his performances as “bold, open, powerful, and technically accomplished old-school virtuosity.” The Belgian newspaper La Semaine d’Anvers wrote of him as a “brilliant pianist” and mentioned his “large and bright sonority” as well as dynamism. His concerts in USA were highly appraised by the press. “Didenko captured the hearts of the audience when he performed several selections by Sergei Rachmaninov”, a critic wrote about one of his recitals.”Immortal works by Schubert, Liszt, and Rachmaninov sounded with an incredible force of conviction, emotional power and brightness under the magic hands of Yuri Didenko, the chairman of the Jury of Dimitrios Vikelas International competition.

Gen-ichiro Murakami

Born in Yamaguch Prefecture, Japan. 1968 – Won the first prize of the 23rd All Japan Student‘s Music Competition. 1971 – Won the first prize of the 40th NHK, Mainichi Music Competition for piano. 1972 – Debuted at a concert held by the Chopin Association in Japan. 1973 – After graduated fromToho Gakuen School of Music, entered the “specializare” course of Bucharest Conservatory in Romania. Performed as a solist in the orchestras in Romania, and gave performances on radio and TV around Europe. Also, took part in the competitions in various countries, and won upper prizes. 1978 – Won a final diploma at the Tchaikovsky International Music Competition. He travels back to Europe every year to give performances. 1985 – His music was recorded at Lugano Broadcasting Company in Switzerland. 1986 – Organized “Performance and Symposium” in northern Italy. 1990 – Held a concert at Casals Hall in Vendrell, Spain. 1991 – Active around Verona as a solist or with an ensemble. 1992 – Invited by the Foundation of W. Kempff at Positano.Took part in the lecture on “All Sonatas and Concertos of Beethoven” by G. Opitz. Recitals: 1995 at Warsaw, 1996 at London, 1997 at Bucharest, 1998 at London, 2000 at Heidelberg and London.

Li Chenxi

Pianist Li Chenxi has been once exceptionally admitted to the The Affiliated High School of Shanghai Conservatory Of Music with the first ranking as a professional student and later was also with the first ranking admitted to the piano department of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, studying under Professor Shao Dan, Wu Ying, Zhou Keng and the famous French piano Professor Pierre Reach. He graduated with excellent results from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya in Spain and received a master's degree in piano.

Balázs Szokolay

Balázs Szokolay was born into a family of musicians in Budapest in 1961. His father is a Kossuth prizewinner, composer Sándor Szokolay. Balázs started to play the piano at the age of five, taught by Erna Czövek. Later, at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, his professors included Klára Máthé, Pál Kadosa, Zoltán Kocsis, György Kurtág, and Ferenc Rados. Following his graduation in 1983, he won scholarships for two more years of studies in Munich and Moscow. He was instructed by Mikhail S. Voskresensky, Amadeus Webersinke, Ludwig Hoffmann and Yvonne Lefebure. From 1973 to 1990, he has been a prizewinner at many international piano and chamber music competitions (,including Usti-nad-Labem, Zwickau, Leeds , Brussels , Montreal , Terni , Monza, Glasgow and Budapest) . More recently, he has been a frequent juror in major music competitions in countries such as the Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria and Russia. He has given concerts and offered masterclasses in over thirty countries on four continents.

Andreas Frölich

German pianist Andreas Frölich studied with Stefan Askenase, Vtaly Margulis and Pavel Gililov. He was prizewinner of several international piano competitions, as in Senigallia, Finale Ligure, Milano, Vienna.... He concertises in the most famous venues in Europe, South America, Asia, South Africa and Australia , as well as in the most important music fertivals worldwide.

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