30 August – 2 September, 2023
Tokyo • Japan

Competition Rules

  1. The Competition is open for applicants of any nationality.
  2. The age limit of participants must be not older than 35 years inclusive at the date of the opening ceremony of the Competition (30th of August 2023).
  3. The Application procedure must be done online. Candidates will not be admitted to the competition unless payment is received. In case of withdrawal, subscription money will not be reimbursed.
  4. As the number of participants is limited, the organizing committee accepts applications on the first-come-first-served basis. After that, all other applicants will be sent to the waiting list. The competition committee will publish the information that the quota of accepted participants is reached on the competition website. It is not obligatory to send the payment for the applicants in the waiting list until they are invited to take part in the competition. We highly recommend to register in advance and not to wait for the application deadline to ensure your participation in the competition.
  5. Travel, accommodation and visa costs, if necessary, are the responsibility of the participants themselves.
  6. “Japan Piano Open” International Piano Competition consists of 2 rounds. All rounds of the Competition are open to public. 
  7. No works played in Round 1 may be repeated in Round II. All works must be performed from memory. Each participant is free to decide the order of his/her performance. The jury has the right to stop the competitor in case of exceeded time limit of auditions. 
  8. The jury's decision is binding. All decisions and votes of the jury starting from the 1st round till the final round will be published on the website after the announcement of the results.
  9. No video or audio recordings of the competition performances are allowed. All rights to recording and broadcast of the Competition (as well as to the sale and distribution of the aforementioned materials) belong to the Competition Committee. In the eventuality of radio or television productions, audio or video recordings of the competition, the participants have no right to advance claims or financial requests to the producers or transmitters.
  10. All participants who have won vouchers to the 2024 'Classic Piano' International Piano Competition through any of the competitions within the '14 Ways to Dubai' series are not eligible to participate in subsequent contests within the series.

Prizes 【賞金】

1st Prize – 10.000 EUR

2nd Prize – 5.000 EUR

3rd Prize – 3.000 EUR

Total Prize Fund: 18.000 EUR

"Japan Piano Open" International Piano Competition 2023 makes part of our prestigious 14 ways to the final stage of the "Classic Piano" International Piano Competition which will be held in 2024 in Dubai. (www.14waystodubai.com)

The best 5 from each of these 14 competitions will be invited to participate in the final stage of the "Classic Piano" International Piano Competition 2024 – which will be held in 4 Rounds, with a total prize fund of Eur 250,000.

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First Round Max. duration 25 min.

1. One Prelude and Fugue by J. S. Bach
2. Two virtuoso etudes:
   a) one etude by F. Chopin, excluding Op. 10 No.3, 6 and Op. 25 No. 7
   b) one etude by F. Liszt, S. Rachmaninov, C. Debussy, A. Scriabin, S. Prokofiev, I. Stravinsky or G. Ligeti
3. 1st movement of classical Sonata by J. Haydn, W. A. Mozart, M. Clementi or L. van Beethoven (excluding Op. 49, Op. 101, 106, 109, 110, 111)
4. If time permits, a work of candidate’s choice

Final Round Max. duration 50 min.

1. A. Shor-M. Pletnev – Piano Sonata  (download or watch)
2. One major composition or group of compositions by F. Schubert, R. Schumann, F. Chopin, F. Mendelssohn, F. Liszt, J. Brahms, P. Tchaikovsky, S. Rachmaninoff, M. Ravel, N. Medtner, A. Scriabin, K. Szymanowski and S. Prokofiev.
3. A work of free choice by the candidate, being different in style from the work chosen in paragraph 2, not exceeding the overall time limit.

*Compositions performed in the 1st Round cannot be played in the Final Round.

*All pieces except for A.Shor-M.Pletnev – Piano Sonata must be performed by memory.

*Programmes cannot be changed after the closing date of applications.

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